Discover the new way to move around the island with this new electric skateboard. The Onewheel experience in Ibiza is safe, fun and suitable for all audiences. Our instructors will teach you to skateboard and ride the streets in a sustainable way.

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Onewheel rental in Ibiza

Reserve your Onewheel in Ibiza for an hour or for the whole day with a fast charger included.
We also offer safety equipment and an introductory tutorial for the most beginners.

Try the Skate Onewheel in Ibiza

Explore the most incredible corners of Ibiza on the most demanding electric skateboard of the moment. We are the only official Onewheel distributors in Spain.

Prime location

Our rental center is surrounded by roads and the most spectacular beaches to explore in Onewheel.

Product briefing

First contact with the electric skateboard, brief description of its mechanism and download of the app.

Safety equipment

The center offers protective helmets at the customer's service to guarantee a 100% safe experience.

Getting started tutorial

Our instructors will teach you all the tricks to get on the Onewheel and enjoy the experience.

Changing rooms and lockers

We offer the possibility of using the changing rooms and lockers to store your belongings.

Onewheel rental for days

Make your reservation!

If you’re on vacation in Ibiza and looking for an unforgettable experience, rent a Onewheel for the days you need. We’ll teach you how to ride this electric skateboard.

Questions about Onewheel in Ibiza

We answer the most frequent doubts of our clients.

What is a Onewheel?

A Onewheel is a self-stabilizing electric skateboard with a single oversized wheel located in the center of the board. You can get on in any of the rider’s positions and accelerate or brake by controlling your body weight.

Where does the activity start?

The Onewheel experience in Ibiza starts from the TAKEOFF® activity center itself. The address is Calle Valencia, 24 (Sant Josep de Sa Talaia). There the client can leave their belongings at the locker and collect them at the end of the activity.

How can I go to TAKEOFF®?

TAKEOFF® Ibiza is perfectly communicated with bus line 2 (P. Port des Torrent). If you come by motorcycle or car, you can also find parking nearby.

Who will teach me to ride Onewheel?

Once the customer’s data for the rental has been taken, our instructor will teach you everything about the electric scooter: power button and meaning of the lights, braking system, power supply and Onewheel configuration in the app. In the same way, you will also learn to get on under the supervision of the monitor so that the experience is 100% safe.

Can the activity be canceled?

Cancellation of the activity may be made up to 24 hours before it. In the event that the cancellation is due to weather conditions, a new date will be offered or we will proceed to return the entire amount paid.

Are there any essential requirements?

The only requirements are: be 16 years old, have ID or passport and go to the center with the confirmed reservation.

Who can ride a Onewheel?

Our monitors recommend having an average physical condition. However, it is not recommended for people in a wheelchair, pregnant or suffering from back problems.

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Ruta de Onewheel

Downloadable PDF

Niña con Onewheel
Montaña con Onewheel de alquiler

Download the TAKEOFF® Ibiza activities catalog and consult it whenever you want to practice water sports on the island. We are waiting!


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Cliente Takeoff 10
The Onewheel is one of the best inventions of the century. Ideal to satisfy the urge to snow during the summer. I recommend it!
Mireia Pérez
Cliente Takeoff 09
We had a lot of fun during the Onewheel experience in Ibiza. I never thought a scooter was so much fun. 100% recommendable!
Harry Jones
Cliente Takeoff 09
Before buying the electric skateboard, I rented a Onewheel in Ibiza and the experience was amazing. Before long I bought them a Onewheel XR.
Eva Luna
Cliente Takeoff 08
Getting around Ibiza in Onewheel is ideal to avoid traffic jams in summer. In addition, you reduce the environmental impact because it is electrical.
Sandra Español
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